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Refineries and Petrochemical

Specialised coatings that are anti-corrosive, chemical resistant, and able to tolerate high temperatures are required for the petrochemical sector. Our experience gained over the course of our years in the business has allowed us to develop a glass flake coating solution that offers outstanding defence against adverse weather.

The petrochemical sector can find long-lasting solutions in specialised goods. Our premium coatings have a solid reputation in the industry as a long-term answer to the harsh conditions infrastructure in the petrochemical sector is subjected to.

Our Products Are Ideal For:

  • Galvanisation dipping tanks
  • Chlorine dioxide tank floors
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Sodium sulphate tanks
  • Structural steelwork
  • Road tanker barrels
  • Acid picking tanks
  • Scrubbing towers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Process vessels
  • Concrete bunds
  • Storage tanks
  • Effluent plant
  • Water boxes
  • CW systems
  • Pulp tanks
  • Pipework
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Filters

Long-Term Corrosion Protection.

Our Corrocoat products offer long-term corrosion protection for infrastructure exposed to abrasive, corrosive, and harsh environments.

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